On the comments made by Federal U.S. Judge Donald Mosley in relation to Uruguay

United States Embassy in Uruguay
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Montevideo, Uruguay

In the United States of America, the three executive branches of government are separate and independent. The members of the Judicial branch can express their thoughts and opinions freely and independently.

Foreign policy of the United States is part of the Executive branch, not the Judicial branch. Therefore, the statements made in a 2011 Court Case by now-retired U.S. Federal Judge Donald Mosley in relation to Uruguay, that have been picked up by the Uruguayan press in the past hours, do not reflect, nor define the official position of the United States in general, nor specifically with respect to Uruguay.

United States foreign policy toward Uruguay is based on mutual respect, collaboration and friendship. Our shared goals continues to be identifying and finding solutions to the global challenges we face together.

We value the history of collaboration that we have had with the Uruguayan people, as we value the strong and healthy democratic institutions of which both our countries are justifiably proud.