Local resources

  • In Uruguay, there is a U.S. Embassy Alumni Association. The purpose of this Association is to promote the development of Uruguay’s society through projects that support the institutions in which alumni participate, as well as volunteerism with a strong sense of social responsibility. The Association thus creates, maintains, and strengthens bonds among alumni and puts the skills they acquired during their programs at the community’s service.

    Visit Alumni web page and register.

  • There is a closed group on Facebook for Uruguayan alumni, which also offers information about alumni projects, academic information, news about events and meetings for the alumni community, and alerts about project funding opportunities.
  • In addition, if you are an alumnus and you would like to receive the quarterly digital newsletter, which is meant for all alumni and where we share news, resources, stories, events, and projects of our alumni, please subscribe by sending an e-mail with your full name, the program you participated in, and the year of participation to FernandezAM@state.gov.
  • Our alumni can also submit projects and seek Embassy support through cultural and educational grants.