United States Embassy Fund will allocate US$ 250,000 to finance projects in Uruguay

Get funds for your project in Uruguay

The U.S. Embassy in Uruguay announces that the call for proposals is now open to fund projects that advance the Embassy’s strategic priorities. A total of US$ 250,000 is available for allocation among eligible proposals, with a maximum of US$ 25,000 per project.

Projects should be linked to one or more of these priorities to help strengthen: 

• Uruguay´s Economy. We receive projects that aim to make the economy more diverse, resilient, and sensitive to the environment, and that extend opportunities to rural, vulnerable, or underrepresented communities. This includes topics such as the teaching of English, technological languages (ICTs) or STEAM, the generation of awareness and support in favor of combating climate change, or attitudinal changes that promote environmental conservation, the development of entrepreneurship, etc. 

Democracy. We receive projects that promote institutionality and democratic values in the region and in the world, prioritizing the diversity and inclusion of rural communities, vulnerable or less represented in areas of civil society, and that advocate for human rights, fight corruption, promote media literacy and knowledge about the phenomenon of disinformation, etc. 

Local, regional and global security. We receive projects for programs or exchanges designed to strengthen cybersecurity, prison system reform, resilience against violence and drug trafficking in populations at risk, etc. 


Because these are funds from the United States Government, there are restrictions on the eligibility and purposes of applicants and projects. 

  • They can receive funds: non-profit organizations, think tanks, civil society, cultural associations and artists, government agencies and educational institutions, etc.
  • It will be valued positively that the proposals include rural, vulnerable, or less represented communities.
  • The funds may not finance religious, political, fundraising or charity activities, construction projects or projects whose main objective is individual enrichment.

Projects may be submitted at any time of the year and will be reviewed on the following dates: April 30, July 31, October 31, and possible other dates as announced. 

Applications will be selected by a panel made up of representatives of the Embassy and the Alliance. They may be subject to a request for additional information or a change to the proposal if so defined by the panel, and to obtaining an official record (UEI).

Together with the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo, Alianza Cultural Uruguay-Estados Unidos is the partner organization responsible for managing the financing and implementation of the projects.

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