The Embassy of the United States Celebrated World Environment Day at the Martin Luther King School

Students from Martin Luther King School during ceremony.
Students from Martin Luther King School during ceremony.

In celebration of World Environment Day, the U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Bradley Freden participated in a tree planting ceremony that took place June 5, 2015 at Martin Luther King Public School. The School Principal, Carmen Lopez and of a group of teachers and students also participated in this activity. 

“The topic of World Environment Day this year is ‘Seven billion dreams. Only one planet. Consume with moderation,” stated Freden during his speech and added, “I hope that this tree reminds the current and future students of the Martin Luther King School that they have a commitment to better our environment. This is why this tree is going to be called the “Tree of Commitment.”

After the planting ceremony, the diplomat donated recycling containers to the school. “Recycling is a fantastic way to reduce our consumption and to support the topic for this year, which is to consume with moderation,” Freden said.

In response to the call of the United Nations to unite with this cause, the students expressed their future commitment to the environment through drawings that will be published on the United Nations’ website as a show their support for this initiative.

Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente 2015