Requirements to Travel with Cats from Uruguay to the U.S.

To travel to the U.S. with a Cat from Uruguay you need a Health Certificate issued by a Veterinarian that includes a valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate.

International Certificate for Exportation, endorsement of the International Certificate of Exportation and endorsement of the complete documentation by the U.S. Consulate are no longer required.

The Health Certificate including Rabies Vaccination Certificate has to be issued by a veterinarian registered with the Animal Health Direction of MGAP. The veterinarian’s registration number and a professional stamp* (approximately 170 Uruguayan pesos) must be included. The rabies vaccination must have been given more than a month and less than a year before travel. Animals 3 months of age or older must have a Rabies vaccination. The animal must also be treated for internal parasites. This certificate must include a statement declaring that the animal is free of screw-worm (myasis). The Health Certificate is valid for 30 days. Some veterinarians prefer to only issue certificates within 10 days of travel.

Note: The professional stamp (in Spanish it is called a Timbre Professional, better to get the pink “rosado” one but the green one will also be accepted) must be purchased at a local bookstore or kiosks, if not provided by the veterinarian who issues the health certificate.