Requirements to Travel with Dogs from Uruguay to the U.S.

To travel from Uruguay to the U.S. with your dog, a certified veterinarian must issue a health certificate including a valid rabies vaccination certificate and a statement declaring the animal is free of screw-worm (myasis).

The certificate must be issued within five days of travel.

The Health Certificate including the Rabies Vaccination Certificate has to be issued by a veterinarian registered with the Animal Health Bureau of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP).

The veterinarian’s registration number and a duty stamp (cost: 170 Uruguayan pesos) must be included. The rabies vaccination must have been administered more than a month and less than a year before travel.

The Health Certificate is valid for 30 days.

Note: The duty stamp (in Spanish it is called “Timbre profesional”) must be purchased at a stamp selling location if it is not provided by the veterinarian who issues the Health Certificate.

The Health Certificate must include a statement declaring that the animal has been inspected to detect whether it is affected by screw-worm (Cochliomyia Hominovorax  – myasis), and that it does not have any symptoms or signs indicating it is affected by it.

The animal must be inspected within five days of travelling to the United States.

The International Certificate for Exportation, the endorsement of the International Certificate of Exportation by the corresponding ministries and offices, and the endorsement of all the documentation by the U.S. Consulate are no longer required.

We recommend dog owners to visit the APHIS website to learn more about general recommendations to bring dogs into the United States.

Airlines may have additional requirements. Please contact your airline before travelling.