Management Section

Management Officer: Mark I. Mishkin

By far the largest section within the U.S. Embassy, the Management (formerly Administrative) Section consists of seven offices staffed by eight American officers, and 66 locally employed staff. The section’s primary mission is to support the operation of all sections and agencies of the embassy and the U.S. Government personnel who staff them.

The section consists of the following six offices:

General Services

General Services Officer (GSO): John D. Crawford

The responsibilities of this office include:

  • Housing: GSO selects housing for incoming employees that meets Department of State space, safety, health, and security standards. GSO strives to assign all incoming employees to housing before their arrival.
  • Procurement: GSO is in charge of procuring all goods and services for the embassy. GSO receives requests from embassy staff, and then solicits and awards contracts based on Federal Acquisition Regulations.
  • Shipping and Customs: GSO clears all incoming personal and official shipments. GSO contracts with packing companies for the movement of personal effects to and from Montevideo.
  • Motor Pool: GSO is in charge of the operation and maintenance of all of the embassy’s official vehicles. GSO provides transportation to embassy employees for official business.
  • Warehouse: GSO receives, inventories, and stores all expendable and non-expendable property for the embassy at an off-site warehouse.
  • Travel: GSO is the liaison between the Embassy and the Travel Management Center and coordinates all aspects related to travel (hotel accommodation, airline tickets, motor pool transportation, issuance of visas) for incoming and outgoing employees and visitors. GSO also provides expediting services to travelers at the airport terminal.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Manager: C. Brendan Swartz

Facilities Maintenance Section consists of a staff of 20 which includes engineers, trades personnel, char force employees and gardeners. The Maintenance section is responsible for the care and upkeep of all United States Government owned buildings and properties in Uruguay. The maintenance staff accomplishes this by providing necessary maintenance and repair services along with the implementation of major renovations, building and equipment improvements and construction projects.

Information Program Unit (IMO)

Information Management Officer: William Velazquez

This office manages the embassy’s computer network, telephone system, Overseas Wireless Program (OWP), Records Management, and all major telecommunications equipment. Office provides and maintains 24/7 telecommunications circuit connectivity with the US Department of State, and also for all US Agencies represented at post. It administers the embassy’s Local Area Network (LAN), which has approximately 250 users, and it also provides desktop Internet access to all users.

The IMO gives directions on all computer related matters, including IT equipment procurement, IT information security, and maintains the embassy’s anti-virus program. The section also manages the classified pouch program in conjunction with post’s Regional Security Office. Embassy receptionists and telephone operators also fall under IMO management. They operate the embassy switchboard, assist on various administrative tasks as needed, and they greet and assist visitors and consular section clients.

Financial Management Office

Financial Management Supervisor: Patricia Tantessio

This office handles all financial matters related to the operation of the embassy and supports Department of State section, as well as all other agencies at post under the International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS), the instrument by which all agencies share the administrative costs associated with the embassy’s operation.

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources Supervisor: Laura Paolillo

This office administers the full range of personnel services for both Americans and Locally Employed Staff (LES). It develops and implements human resources policies and procedures specific to the embassy; keeps employees of the Mission informed of changes in State Department human resources policies, programs, regulations and procedures; develops and maintains effective recruitment and training programs; encourages recognition of employees by promoting an active awards program; and ensures equitable treatment of employees; through support and promotion of equal employment opportunity policies.

Health Unit

Registered Nurse: Sharon Khanis

The Health Unit is responsible for the health care and well being of the US Employees and their families at post. It is the first point of contact for health care and information. The Health Unit:

  • Provides first aid treatment, medical evaluation and referrals, immunizations, health promotion, and information about current health issues at post.
  • Is the link between the employee and the medical facilities available in the community.
  • Communicates regularly, and works closely with, the Post Medical Advisor and the Community Liaison Officer.

Two regional doctors assist the Health Unit:

  • The Regional Medical Officer based in Santiago de Chile, who maintains frequent contact with the Health Unit nurse.
  • The Regional Psychiatrist is based in Lima, Peru.

Direct contact is also maintained with the State Department’s Office of Medical Services (MED) in Washington.