Public Affairs

Public Affairs Officer: Kerri P. Spindler-Ranta
The Public Affairs Section manages the media, education, and cultural affairs for the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo. It comprises two distinct offices: Press and Cultural/Educational.

Cultural Affairs
Assistant Public Affairs Officer: Lauren E. Holt
Uruguay enjoys a rich and diverse cultural tradition with a very talented and abundant artistic expression. The Cultural Affairs Office is responsible for promoting cultural and educational ties between the United States of America and Uruguay through a number of bilateral programs such as exchanges, sponsorship and other activities.

Press Office
Information Specialist: Pablo Castro
The Information Specialist in charge of the Press Office manages all media relations, working closely with Uruguayan written and electronic media outlets to provide a variety of information, including policy statements. The Press Office also manages the embassy’s website and social media engagement, reaching thousands of people over the Internet with a vast store of information about the United States and Uruguay.