Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Summertime Personal and Residential Security

The summer season in Montevideo and other popular destinations in Uruguay typically coincides with an increase in the volume of crimes against persons and property.  During the 2017 calendar year, armed robberies of restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores as well as carjackings have been reported in Uruguay.  As such, we would like to remind U.S. citizens of some security best practices.

Residential Security

  • Always use your locks.  Remember to lock your windows and doors routinely.
  • Store high-value personal belongings away from public view.
  • Avoid on-street parking.  If unavoidable, park in well-lit areas that are in public view.
  • Avoid discussing periods of non-occupancy with household staff, gardeners, or other contractors.

Personal Security

  • Maintain situational awareness.  Be observant of the people and vehicles around you.  If something does not look right, leave the area.
  • Avoid situations where you are alone.  Travel in groups and stick to heavily trafficked locations.
  • Keep the amount of valuables on your person to a minimum (money, credit cards, cellular phones, jewelry, etc.).
  • Do not resist or intervene in an armed robbery.
  • Identify and report suspicious people, vehicles, or activities.  If something does not look right, notify local police.
  • Be especially cognizant when entering or exiting your vehicle.

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