Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA)

TEA 2016 group

TEA is an intensive non-credit, non-degree, six-week professional development program at a U.S. university (January – March 2018 or September – November 2018).

Program Includes:
  • A customized academic program in general pedagogy and discipline-specific education sessions;
  • A customized course in instructional technology;
  • Field experience at a U.S. secondary school;
  • Organized U.S. civic and cultural activities

Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be current secondary school-level, full-time teachers in a school that serves a primarily local (not expatriate) population;
  • Have five or more years of classroom experience in TEA teaching disciplines: English, EFL, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, or special education;
  • Be citizens of and residents in Uruguay;
  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent;
  • Obtain a minimum score of 450 on paper based TOEFL or equivalent English language examination*; and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continue teaching after completion of the program.

(*) A limited number of participants with TOEFL scores between 425 and 450, or equivalent, will be accepted for the program into a special cohort with additional English language training included in the professional development program.
TEA promotes diversity in the classroom and in learning. TEA supports inclusion and strongly encourages teachers with disabilities to apply.

Former participants of TEA, the International Leaders in Education (ILEP) Program, Partners in Education (PiE), or the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program are not eligible to apply. If you have participated in other U.S. government-funded professional development exchange programs, please talk to the Fulbright Commission/U.S. Embassy in your country about your eligibility.

TEA is a program for practicing teachers. Ministry of Education officials, full-time principals or Educational administrators, full-time teacher trainers, university faculty, and private English Language tutors are not eligible.

TEA 2016 banner

  • Build lasting relationships that promote mutual understanding and collaboration between the United States and international teachers and students through educational and cultural exchanges.
  • Provide pre-service and in-service professional development to enhance teachers’ expertise in their teaching disciplines, and equip them with new and best practices in teaching methodology, curriculum development, and instructional technology.
  • Contribute to improving secondary education in participating countries by preparing program participants to serve as teacher leaders, equipped to apply and share experience and skills with their colleagues and students upon returning home.
TEA Selection Criteria
  • Preparedness for an intensive U.S.-based training program;
  • Professional and educational experience and achievements;
  • Demonstrated commitment to teaching in secondary education;
  • Demonstrated leadership potential;
  • Potential for developing long-term linkages between U.S. and home country educational institutions and schools;
  • English language skills adequate to live, study, and function independently in the U.S.;
  • Willingness and capacity to work collaboratively with international peers to foster a positive learning community for professional development;
  • Ability to express ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Applicants who have had few or no opportunities to travel to the U.S. will be given priority.
How to apply
  1. Introduce yourself in a One-Minute-Video and share the link to download. (please verify is no password protected and readable file like .avi, .mov, .mp4)
  2. Complete the Application Form – Writable PDF (fill with data, SAVE AS new file)
  3. Complete the ISRF FY17 Form  ‘ (fill with data, SAVE AS new file)
You must send all 3 items before March 31, 2017, to MVDCultural@state.gov
Applications without all items or specifications will not be considered.
Note: Please send “TEA” as the subject of your email.