Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) 2020

Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program 2019-2020


Program Overview
The Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) is an intensive non-credit, non-degree, six-week professional development program at a U.S. university (January – March 2020 or September – November 2020)

It is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
The 2019-2020 program will mark the twenty-third year of the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

Program Components
Teachers who are selected to participate in the TEA Program will:

  1.  Participate in advanced undergraduate or graduate level classes at a U.S. host university.
  2. Observe classes, co-teach, and share their expertise with U.S. colleagues in U.S. secondary schools.
  3. Participate in an online professional learning community with other participants to share best practices and other elements of host and home country educational systems
  4. Take part in other education and cultural activities while on program in the United States.

Upon returning home, teachers will be expected to share the knowledge and experience gained on the program with teachers and students in their home schools and within their communities.

University Coursework:
Weekly Seminars:
Teachers will participate in weekly seminars at their host university featuring presentations and discussions led by university staff, faculty members, and invited educational experts. The academic seminars will focus on new teaching methodologies, content-based instruction, project-based learning, infusing thematic topics into curriculum, lesson planning, and instructional technology training for teachers.

U.S. School Placements: Teachers will be placed in a U.S. secondary school during the U.S. program, where they will observe classes, co-teach, and share their expertise and information about their home countries and schools. Each participant will be paired with a U.S. partner educator at their assigned school to facilitate sharing of best practices between the teachers.

Online Professional Learning Community: Each participant will participate in a virtual community with other international educators to collaborate and share best practices about education and leadership in the participating countries.

How to Apply
Download, fill and send the below forms to MVDCultural@state.gov:

Application deadline: Friday, April 5, 2019

For more information contact: Veronica Perez Urioste

Program Dates
Spring 2020
– Late-January-mid-March 2020
or Fall 2020 – September-late October 2020.

Logistical Information
Travel: Teachers will be provided with an international airline ticket, and will also be reimbursed for round-trip travel expenses between their home city and Montevideo (if they are from the interior).

Housing: Participants will live on or near the host university campus in housing that is arranged for them. Dependents are not permitted to accompany the teachers on the program.

Finances: Each teacher will receive a maintenance allowance during the program to cover expenses such as supplies for classes, household items, personal items, medical co-payments, and cultural and other activities. Also included in this total is a daily stipend to purchase groceries, meals at local restaurants, or food from on-campus dining services. Costs associated with housing, required program activities, and other program-related expenses are paid in advance by the Fulbright TEA Program and may vary by host university.

Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be current secondary school-level teachers at a public high school, charter type school or UTU;
  • Have 5 or more years of classroom experience in TEA teaching disciplines: English, EFL, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, or special education;
  • Be citizens of and resident in URUGUAY;
  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent;
  • Have a very good level of English (pre-selected candidates will have to sit for the TOEFL examination on May 4 or 11, with all costs covered);
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continue teaching after completion of the program.

*A limited number of participants with TOEFL scores between 425 and 450, or equivalent, will be accepted for the program into a special cohort with additional English language training included in the professional development program.

TEA promotes diversity in the classroom and in learning.
TEA supports inclusion and strongly encourages teachers with disabilities to apply.

Applicants who have had few or no opportunities to travel to the U.S. will be given priority