U.S. Embassy Montevideo Grants 2022 – Honoring Black History Month

The U.S. Embassy in Montevideo announces a rapid response grant call for proposals from Uruguayan organizations to implement virtual and/or in person projects in Uruguay that focus on the contributions of the Afro Uruguayan community or other afro descendant groups in Uruguay.

Projects designed to increase Afro descendent participation science, technology or environmental fields or highlight the significant cultural and historical contributions of the Afro-Uruguayan community will be prioritized. Successful projects include components from both the United States and Uruguay to raise awareness regarding shared history, culture, and values.

Learn more about Black History Month HERE.


The U.S. Embassy may fund up to US$5,000 for projects with an immediate implementation plan and that will make a positive social change. The project may be virtual and/or in person and must address community challenges in a sustainable manner and/or empower the Uruguayan afro descendant community.

If seeking the full US$ 5,000, project submissions must include partnerships with one or more organizations.

Projects that highlight achievements and celebrating both US and UY communities’ important contributions to society and raising broader awareness about our shared history, culture, and values.

Successful projects will:

  • Develop activities aimed at making the cultural, spiritual, and artistic heritage of the Afro-Uruguayan community visible.
  • Strengthen networks, work together and coordination with the various organizations that supports afro descendants’ such as ministries, agencies, NGOs, groups, among others.
  • Promote and disseminate the cultural legacy of Afro-descendants in Uruguay. By generating a dialogue with civil organizations, creators, artists, and cultural managers at the local and regional level, it will be also possible to highlight contributions that were made by afro Uruguayans and the impact they made to promote, implement and develop cultural heritage.
  • All submissions must detail the outcomes of the proposed project.

Specific actions:

  • The project should be specific and time-bound, and the applicant should be able to complete the main goals of the project within three months.
  • To be considered projects must include a clear monitoring and evaluation plan as well as clear and detailed budget and fiscal reporting components.
  • Regional projects and projects with the main audience in the interior of Uruguay are encouraged.

Total funds available for this call: $5,000

Open call until February 28, 2022.


Applicants must be from a local institution, non-government organization (NGO), or government office.

Applicants may apply as individuals or as a team.