United States calls for NGOs to run $250,000 Small Grants programs in Uruguay

The U.S. Embassy in Uruguay announces an open call for nongovernmental organizations and nonprofit institutions capable of administering government funds and jointly implementing programs that support U.S. priorities in Uruguay.

In conjunction with the Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section, the successful bidder will fully manage the Embassy’s Competitive Funds Program, including promotion, receipt and review of proposals, communication with project managers, management of payments and financial records, and monitoring and evaluation of each of the programs. This is a cooperative agreement to oversee the administration of up to US$250,000 that the embassy will use to finance programs or projects in Uruguay that are aligned with its strategic priorities.

Proposed programs must strengthen ties between the United States and Uruguay and include a U.S. component, either a connection with U.S. experts, organizations or institutions in a specific field or some other way to promote greater understanding of U.S. policy, values and perspectives among Uruguayan audiences.

The successful awardee may in turn subcontract with other organizations to carry out projects and will be responsible for monitoring and supervising the performance and expenditures of the subcontracted organization. It will also be responsible for maintaining adequate documentation on compliance with the terms and conditions of each project and for keeping it updated and available to the diplomatic officials in charge of each program. This includes project selection methodology, subcontracted organizations, and any relevant policies the grantee has regarding projects and their follow-up.

Embassy Priorities in Uruguay

Diversification of the economy in Uruguay; awareness, support and/or behavior change in favor of combating climate change or promoting environmental conservation; strong support for human rights, including prison reform efforts; awareness of cybersecurity and potential benefits and threats related to 5G; increasing workforce skills and opportunities for women, disadvantaged youth, minorities and vulnerable groups in rural areas; arts and cultural programming that meets any of the objectives outlined above.

Projects must be developed or initiated in Uruguayan territory and target audiences in Uruguay.

The U.S. Department of State strives to ensure that its efforts reflect the diversity of U.S. society and societies abroad. In Uruguay, committed to fairness, equity, and inclusion, the U.S. Embassy seeks and encourages the participation of individuals and organizations from traditionally underrepresented audiences in all of its calls, opportunities, programs, and activities, as well as in its staff and workplace.

All opportunities offered by the Embassy in Uruguay are open to organizations throughout the country, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, geographic location, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Therefore, proposals received must demonstrate substantive support for diversity and describe how diversity will be integrated into all aspects of the program. Applicants must demonstrate that they are prepared to accommodate participants with physical disabilities.

Complete instructions on how to apply are available HERE.

The call is open until December 30, 2022.