Wynton Marsalis Fuses Jazz and Candombe During His Visit to Uruguay

With the support of the Uruguayan Organization Jazz Tour and the Centro Cultural de Música, Mr. Wynton Marsalis and musicians from the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra visited Montevideo, Uruguay to perform a series of cultural activities. Marsalis offered a cultural presentation with Q&A for music students and fans and performed twice with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra at the Teatro Solís, the main cultural stage in Uruguay.

Chargé d'Affaires Brad Freden speaking at the Embassy's Residence
Chargé d’Affaires Brad Freden speaking at the Embassy’s Residence

He also attended a reception in his honor, offered by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires in Uruguay, Bradley Freden at the Ambassador’s Residence. More than two hundred guests attended this event that included the performance of Uruguayan musician Daniel “Tatita” Marquez and his drum trio. Tatita shared with Mr. Marsalis some of the basics of Candombe rhythms. Later, Mr. Marsalis jammed with the Candombe trio.

It was an amazing dialogue between two very different music styles and cultures, blended by the universal language of music. On one side, Tatita Marquez, hitting his drums hard, making the walls of the residence move and shake. On the other side, Mr. Marsalis, building an eclectic and electric atmosphere in the residence by painting notes of jazz and American culture on the drums and his trumpet, for the delight of everyone who had the privilege of being there.

About Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer, bandleader, educator and a leading advocate of American culture. He is the world’s first jazz artist to perform and compose across the full jazz spectrum from its New Orleans roots to bebop to modern jazz.

By creating and performing an expansive range of brilliant new music for quartets to big bands, chamber music ensembles to symphony orchestras, tap dance to ballet, Wynton has expanded the vocabulary for jazz and created a vital body of work that places him among the world’s finest musicians and composers.

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Wynton Marsalis en Uruguay